How to turn off autofill making the fields pop out?

Presently using BW within Chrome 115.x.
How do I make autofill NOT make the fields ‘pop out’ when the fields are filled in??
This is a very annoying UI/UX issue.
Thank you, :slight_smile: w

Personally, I don’t mind it. I don’t think there is a way to disable this. You may consider voting for the following Feature Request:

You can turn it off:

Settings > Auto-fill > Show auto-fill menu on form fields > Off

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This thread is not about the inline auto-fill menus, as it predates that feature (which did not exist prior to December 2023). This is about an animation effect that Bitwarden used to use when auto-filling passwords.

It seems that this animation effect is no longer used, so I will close this thread.