How to remove duplicates?

Hello. Trying to figure out how to find and remove duplicate entries. Can somebody tell me how they do it since I found nothing in the Tools menu? Thanks

There is no official tool for automating this process. If you have duplicates because you imported a file of exported passwords multiple times, then you could purge your vault and re-import the export file one more time. Another approach is to export your vault contents from Bitwarden, deduplicate the data outside Bitwarden, and then purge your vault and import the deduplicated data.

One of Bitwarden’s most glaring shortcoming is its inability to find, analyze, or explore the data within its vault. Want to find out which entry uses the password “ABC”? Can’t do it. Want to find dupes? Can’t do it.

When I really need to dig into it, I export the vault using “.csv”, into Excel. Massage the data for whatever I’m looking for, then delete it making sure to really delete it.

is this really the only option we have to detect duplicates? i’m presently working on a migration into BW and it seems to me that if the bw.exe can respond with “there are more than one” then the .exe can return something more than a damn null on that coded response.

since the bw.exe can clearly identify duplicates vs missing against returning a vault object…why isn’t it distinguishing between missing and duplicates in the cli return when it clearly has different onscreen output to the console?