How to merge imported TOTP codes into existing vault items?

I landed here because I imported all my TOTP into Bit Warden, but now I have a separate entry for the TOTP so it doesn’t work. I can’t merge these? What should I do?

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@Comnenus Welcome to the forum!

I moved your comment from the Feature Request thread into its own thread in the Ask the Community forum, because it seemed that you were asking for help.

As you know, there is no merge functionality built in to Bitwarden, so accomplishing a merge will require several steps (basically, you would either need to use a CLI-based script, or export your vault to do the merging using third-party tools, then purge your vault and import).

If you want assistance with this, please let us know whether you are comfortable with scripting, or alternatively, your level of comfort with Excel (or other spreadsheet software).

In addition, please provide information about whether your vault currently contains any Card items (credit cards, etc.), Identity items (names & addresses, etc.), or items of any type that contain either file attachments or custom fields.

Furthermore, can you provide some information about the contents of the file that you used to import the TOTP codes?

If there are only a tolerable few, the easiest way is to copy/paste the “secret key”. Otherwise, as @grb hints, you will be going through an export/import process, which is more overwhelming.

Sorry about the mispost.

I was using Authy, and from this post: Authy → Bitwarden - Ask the Community / Password Manager - Bitwarden Community Forums I followed the instructions here: Export TOTP tokens from Authy ( .

After that I had imported everything into both Bit Warden and Microsoft Authenticator. Not all of them made it into Bit Warden but I made sure that Microsoft Authenticator had them all, so my question now has two parts:

  1. How to merge the duplicates, and
  2. How to get the secret keys, or generate the QR codes from Microsoft Authenticator

With 1) I can go through manually and copy the tokens. It isn’t so many that it’s undoable.

Did you follow the advice to import the TOTP tokens into a separate folder in your Bitwarden vault?

As far as I can tell from information available online, this is not possible.

Why do you want two authenticators, anyway? If you are going to use a third-party authenticator app like Microsoft Authenticator, then you are better off not importing the TOTP secrets into Bitwarden. Similarly, if you’re going to use Bitwarden’s authenticator to generate TOTP codes, then there would be no benefit to also setting up a third-party authenticator.

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Perhaps he’s trying different authenticator solutions and seeing what works best for him?

livejamie is basically correct, I want to migrate to BitWarden but have Microsoft Authenticator until that can happen, and that would happen in any case, not just BitWarden. I won’t delete what I have now and get locked out in hopes that another app can take its place.

Okay, I get the “I want to try different apps”-part and no argument with that.

(BTW: did you see that there is now a new 2FA from Bitwarden? See here: Bitwarden Authenticator mobile (Download links) - and another 2FA-app a lot of people seem now to consider, would be Ente Auth :thinking:)

But if it comes to “backup”, then I would emphasize, that for a backup of your TOTP codes, the main thing would be to store the seed codes / secret keys… You don’t necessarily need all your TOTP codes in a second/third/… 2FA-app.

With the seed codes, you can add them (again) any time you want in any app, so that you always can “restore” your TOTP codes.

Of course, those seed codes need to be both, 1. safely stored and 2. still accessible to you in the “worst case”.

(And I personally belong to the (many?) people, who you have an extra KeePassXC database offline stored, where I store all TOTP seed codes, backup/recovery codes, security questions etc.)