How to hide "Copy Verification Code" button

This new button recently appeared in the Firefox extension and it’s throwing me off. My muscle memory is programed to click the right most icon to copy password and now its this useless icon that does nothing. I can’t seem to find any info about this. Is there any way to turn it off?


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(The devs need a lot of patience. People request something, and the second it’s finally released someone else shows up and hates it :wink: I love this new feature.)

PS: Maybe try to get used to the shortcuts, it’s faster anyway. CTRL+SHIFT+L / CMD+SHIFT+L.

Well the popup say it all: ‘copy verification code’. But if you don’t have any TOTP, yes, it’s useless… for you…

I’m not entirely sure how that works considering most codes come via email or text.
If I don’t have a TOTP configured/stored, then why does the button need to display?

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I wasn’t aware of the keyboard shortcut…is there a way that can be changed? Those keys are too far apart to be convenient…I’d rather keep my right hand on my mouse or invoke the shortcut from the left side of the keyboard where my left hand is located.

You can tweak the shortcuts in the extension settings: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

I can’t seem to find a way to do that using Firefox

I don’t think shortcut keys need to be close together. After all, you don’t press them with one finger

In Firefox, to change keyboard shortcuts, you can go to about:addons, then click on the cog wheel near the top center, then click the Manage Extension Shortcuts menu item.

That said, I never use any keyboard shortcuts for Bitwarden. It’s trivial for websites to read the data Bitwarden fills in before the user hits the “login” (or similar) button. Thus, if you have 2 accounts you don’t want associated with each other, a couple clicks of Bitwarden’s keyboard shortcuts is all it takes for the website to associate those 2 logins to each other. Most people are probably completely unaware of this privacy issue.

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Thanks bit, that is really helpful! I had no idea that setting existed there to change shortcuts.

I wouldn’t consider my original question solved but at least this is a good workaround I can try and get used to.

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You can vote for it here with this feature request: Show TOTP Copy Button only when TOTP is stored/enabled
it’s not implemented yet, but if the feature request gets many votes, they will implement it

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Yep, I’ve already voted and posted over there.


I’m out of votes, but I left a reply over on that thread to support the inclusion of a toggle to remove that icon.