How to enable auto-login (autofill) like LastPass

BitWarden is a great alternative to LastPass. I recently switched after “Free LastPass” forced users to choose between PCs and mobile devices on March 16, 2021. I am sure variations of my request have been made many times before, but I have not yet found the answers that I seek. There is one LastPass feature I enjoy that seems missing from BitWarden. LastPass will autofill login username and password without requiring an additional manual step.

  1. Is there some beta-test version that currently offers this feature?
  2. If not, is this feature planned by a future release?
  3. If so, can a timeframe for release of this feature be provided?
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Hi Jeffrey! Welcome to the community!

What you seem to describe is the On Page Load Auto-fill functionnality from the Bitwarden Browser Extensions that you can opt-in in the Settings. Have a look at the doc for further details.

Source: Auto-fill Logins in Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help & Support

Edit: Since it wasn’t clear if you wanted Auto-login (in the title) or Auto-fill (in the description), here’s the feature request.

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Thank you for the information, which does answer my questions. I suggest your marketing department target “Free LastPass” users, forced to choose between PCs and mobile devices after March 16, 2021. I also suggest that activating this feature be featured more proximately during installation. I found a more useful reference here.

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Most new users to Bitwarden just read the help documentation themselves to learn how to use BW. Or they just ask the friendly folks here on the forums for advice and they read that. Personally, I don’t want the BW team to use limited resources to handhold LastPass users who want to transition to a free product with little or no effort. Reducing unnecessary costs prevents BW from becoming expensive like LastPass.

Go to Settings → Scroll down and go to options — > Enable Autofill on Page load

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While this does what it says it does, it does not solve the issue at hand which is to automatically press the login button after filling in the username/password. The user still has to manually do that step even with this setting turned on. There are many times where I want this especially lots of internal work-related websites where I’m constantly wasting time logging into various systems at work that are behind the corporate firewall anyway, or personal sites which I don’t really need that much security (the security of a good password is good enough). Take, for example, this site - why must I have to hit a login button for this site after “autofill”?