How do you get emails if you're part of a breach?

Hi all,
I have bitwarden premium, does anyone know if you get emails/etc when your password gets breached? Or is it only something that is shown when you do a manual check on the report?
I tried searching but it seems searching for “Bitwarden email breach” just comes up with tonnes of results about breaches itself.

This seems to be a functionality I’ve seen in other password managers and firefox manager. So thought might be the same here?

Hello Calvin, and welcome to the community!

Here’s the info from @grb in this post:

Bitwarden does not offer automation of the reports, but if you want automatic notification of breaches that you’ve appeared in, you can sign up for that service directly at .

Here is a feature request that you can vote for:

If you use only few emails across all your accounts, registering them directly at will last however long HIBP (which Bitwarden uses) lasts.

If you use email aliases all over the place, using long, unique, randomly generated passwords + 2FA will probably mitigate most risks from breached sites, without having to worry about the reports or automated notifications.


Thanks mate, shame it can’t be automated, the email can be notified but I’m more interested in the unique password. Still though this is the answer so I appreciate it! Cheers

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