Vault Health Dashboard - Data Breach Report should do automatic lookups and alerts

Feature name

  • Data Breach Report should do automatic lookups and alerts

Feature function

  • We have to add manually email addresses that we want to lookup. The thing is some people have a lot of different email addresses. For example, I have more than 20 email addresses and aliases. So the feature function would be to configure an automatic lookup for all email addresses contained in a vault’s item, in addition to the manual lookup. Automatic alerts would be useful as well. What I would like to see at best is something similar to 1Password Watchtower, or at least something similar as LastPass Security dashboard.
  • This feature would bring better visibility and alerts for users, and users won’t have to manually check each of their email addresses randomly. Also, it would offer a more convenient security dashboard to users.

I definitely agree that these features need to be developed in Bitwarden as well. It would make Bitwarden easier to use and make it much smoother and faster. Also, password scanning for leaks would add security to passwords, so these are must-have features.

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Thanks for the feedback, the team is planning for this type of functionality.


Glad to have found this thread as I was about to post something similar. Any time frame for when this would be implemented?

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Hey @Colosus1 we updated the roadmap and will be sure to share more information as it becomes available :+1:


Feature function

  • At the moment I have to run the reports manually (in Web Vault)
  • My idea and expectation is to run each report automatically (once a day or more)
  • When security issues would be found, notification should be pushed (on mobile device and via email)

This would be perfect.

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This is pretty much the main feature I’m missing in Bitwarden. It would also be nice if this future dashboard would also be accessible from the desktop and mobile app. It would create more peace of mind and be much more intuïtive than accessing the web vault and going to reports. And when you visit the website, or look at an (possibly) compromised password, an alert would be helpful too.

I hope this suggestion will get more votes, because I think many users will greatly appreciate it.


This feature needs to be prioritized higher than it is.

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Any ETA as to when this feature will arrive?

Add the ability for Bitwarden users to schedule and/or automate the Reports for:

  • Exposed passwords
  • Reused passwords
  • Weak passwords
  • Unsecure websites
  • Inactive two-step login
  • Data breach

Add an option that allows a cadenced (daily / weekly / monthly / etc.) email digest to be sent to the user with results of the reports.

Add an option to only send an email digest if a report flags something new (e.g. a new two-step opportunity or a breached password).

Dipping into the topic. One feature that is seriously lacking from business/enterprise angle is Org/MSP wide dashboard of:

Currently MSP seems to have per org visibility to secrets stored in collections.

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Hi, any update on this topic?

I did not find anything on the roadmap yet

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