How do I revert to a previous version of the extension on Firefox?

Not really a fan of the re-design as there is much less information available to view without scrolling now. Also, the badge counter doesn’t seem to work anymore. Does anyone know how to revert to an old version?


I figured it out if anyone is interested.

Go to: Bitwarden - Free Password Manager version history - 25 versions – Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)

Go to the October version and click “Download File”. It should install like a regular extension and over-write the newer version. Then go to your extensions page and turn off auto-updates for Bitwarden.

Made an account here just to second this. There’s wayyy too much extra space added here, which increases the effort and time spent to use this, which I do probably every hour or so to log into things or copy a note. Very disruptive change that would be fine as a setting for spacey vs compact display options, in which case I’d keep the previous compact version.

Reverting and avoiding updates seems like a security risk, though, no?

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@werdnanoslen To make sure that your feedback is is seen, I would recommend that you post your comments in the consolidated feedback thread, where Bitwarden is collecting user opinions about the UI redesign:

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Thanks for the feedback all, information regarding padding has been passed along to the team, thanks for your patience while we work towards a resolution! :+1: