How do I add shortcuts to autofill login fields?

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Feature name

  • Add shortcuts to autofill login fields

Feature function

  • This function allows you to automatically insert the data saved on bitwarden simply with a combination of keys chosen by the user
  • This function allows you to save time and perform login operations more easily

Related topics + references

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What is wrong with Control Shift L? What different do you want?

@Davidz I use microsoft edge, which already has a function placed at CTRL + shift + L and this does not allow me to use it for BitWarden. How can I change that of edge or that of bitwarden?

It says in the link that

“Some browsers, including Safari and legacy Edge do not currently support changing the default keyboard shortcuts for extensions.”

I use Edge as little as possible, so cannot make any further suggestions.

@Davidz Sorry, I didn’t notice, thanks for the help anyway. Can I ask if this feature will be implemented in the future?

Chromium-based Edge supports shortcut edits.


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Wow! Thank you so much, now it works

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Ah, something obvious :grinning: