How about making it automatically populate the fields, using the extension?

I recently switched over from Lastpass, due to their security failures. I love everything about BW. However, unlike Lastpass, it needs some coddling when I try to log into sites, and I need to go through further steps. Why can’t you guys make it so that it automatically detects the site and fills everything in, like LP does, without further intervention from the user?? I have to right-click and go through additional steps to log in. Yes, I have set it to Autofill, and all that. Is there something I am missing in the configuration? Anyway, thank you for your fantastic product.

Some websites are problematic, because website developers do not follow standard practices when coding login pages.

Why don’t you share a few examples of websites on which Auto-fill is not working properly for you? Then we can try to determine whether there is an issue with your vault settings, or whether there are problems specific to those websites, and come up with some solutions for you.

First order of business, though, is to confirm that you have disabled any browser extensions (e.g., LastPass or RoboForm) that use auto-fill functionality, and that you have disabled the web browser’s native form filling functions. Any competing auto-fill process can interfere with Bitwarden.

Actually, I discovered this is happening only on my Android phone. The site is Google. It does autofill on the PC but not on the mobile phone.

For better visibility, I would suggest starting a new topic, and calling it something like “Autofill does not work for Google on Android”. Provide a detailed description in your post about your set-up, and about what you observe when you try to autofill your Google login from your Android device.

I personally don’t use the mobile apps, so I cannot provide any specific advice related to this issue, but there are other users on the forum who should be able to help.

Thank you. Will do.