Hide/Do not show the new generated passwords

Another feature I appreciated at Keepass:

Please add the option to hide new generated passwords.

I am quite uncomfortable with the fact that my new generated password is shown on screen and
could be given away right from the start. Currently my workaround is that i scroll the window so the new password is not visible but i can still click on the generate button.

My workaround is to put a finger over the password, then regenerate.


I was just in an online meeting where I had to share my screen. When logging on to a system I had to change my password for that system. When using the password generator the new password is shown, so all participants could see this new password. Had to unshare my screen, change the password and share my screen again.

Would be nice if there is an option to show the new password with just stars (who needs to know their password anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), so it is safe to renew the password when screensharing or when someone is looking over your shoulder.