📲 Have you tried out the new Login with Device functionality?

To use this feature

  • Be sure to have logged into the web vault at least once with your master password
  • On your mobile device, enable ‘Approve login requests’ and ‘Allow sync on refresh’.
  • Ensure that the account you are trying to authenticate into on the web is also selected on your mobile device.
  • Pull down on your mobile device to refresh if needed.

You can also check out the Forum chat beta here.

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Will this also be available for browser extensions?

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Hey @anon27750185 I believe the team is steadily working on bringing these features to additional clients.

As indicated in the current roadmap the first half of 2023 is set to have Passwordless login options as one of the many focuses for the team. I believe this may help to expand this new feature to the browser extension, and possibly more additional options to come.

Very exciting year ahead! :grin:


The risk of using passwordless logins though is, it makes it easier to forget what your master password is at least potentially. I like having to type mine once or more every day, as it reinforces it instinctively (at least, that’s how my brain works). YMMV.

Hey @Bryan2023 you have to enable approvals from the settings menu for it to be enabled. Even when enabled, it only works on devices that are ‘known’, that you have logged into at least once with your master password. More info here: https://bitwarden.com/help/log-in-with-device/

My master password is linked to a story, that is how I will always remember it. I really like the step-up in usability, which makes it easier to onboard less tech-savvy family members, while retaining security.

the time-out setting is too short. By the time the notification comes to my phone, I tap on it, verify the fingerprint then approve, the client login window times out and I have to do it again. The workaround is to have Bitwarden app ready and active on my phone, so I have just about enough time to approve.
Please extend the login timeout by ~20 seconds, this should be enough

Bitwarden client on macOS - with the latest version downloaded from Apple Store, I can “log in with device” on the first log in (i.e. full login). However, if I then lock the store or let the auto lock happen after configured time, there is no option to ‘log in with device’ when the vault is in locked state - only option is to use the master password. The log in with device option seems only possible when the vault is in logged out status.

Same behaviour for the browser extension on Safari.

is it possible to have the ‘log in with device’ option to unlock a vault?

Happy with the “login using mobile device” flow!

Will there be an ability to login with Passkeys stored on an Yubikey, a browser like Brave, or Apple (Safari and iPhone)?

I am not sure I understand the purpose of this?

Does it mean any devices signing on need approval of the main device this is set on?

Login with Device works great.

Can we get Unlock with Device next? :slight_smile:

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Hey Dan, this one is just providing more passwordless options to log in, I’ve you already logged in at least once with a master password.

So if I’ve logged into the web vault before and this feature is enabled on mobile or desktop app, I can approve the login request with just email and 2FA and tap the approval from desktop or mobile.

More info here: Log in with Device | Bitwarden Help Center

Ahh. Thanks for clarifying this @bw-admin

Great feature for oldies but for us youngish folk can you make an option for master pass + 2fa + approval via device combo. Than we can have a true best of both worlds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could please anyone explain how a fingerprint phrase works here - is it being sent to the approving device in encrypted form?