How do I fix a corrupt passkey?

Passkey Cross-device Authentication (CDA) device support:

Good link – thanks.

According to the matrix in that link, passkey CDA for Bitwarden ‘login with passkey on another device’ from:

  • Windows ( v23H2+) client to Android (v9+) authenticator is supported by FIDO2 standards - but does not work for me on my Samsung S7 (Android 9) or S10+ (Android 12)
  • Android client (planned) to Windows authenticator (N/A) is not supported.


My understanding is that Cross-Device Authentication is a general term which may, or may not, employ passkeys.

Microsoft’s number matching from PC to the Microsoft Authenticator app on a phone is a form of non-passkey CDA.

Bitwarden’s non-passkey fingerprint CDA works even on my old devices where passkey CDA does not:

Bw-admin post: “Have you tried out the new Login with Device functionality?”

The FIDO alliance uses the term ‘CDA’ only in the context of passkey CDA, because that is their focus.


A source of confusion is that Bitwarden have two ‘login with device’ CDA methods:

  • Non-passkey, using fingerprint phrases.
  • Passkey, using passkeys.