HACKTOBERFEST IS OPEN! Submit a project for Bitwarden Secrets Manager for a chance to win!

Bitwarden is excited to announce the first-ever Secrets Manager HACKTOBERFEST Event :tada:

If you haven’t participated in a Hacktoberfest event before, it’s a month-long event that encourages people to contribute to open source projects. You can learn more about Hacktoberfest here.

Who can join?

Anyone! Whether you’re new to working with secrets and self-hosting, or an experienced pro, we encourage you to participate. We recommend checking out the Bitwarden Secrets Manager documentation to get started.

We’ll be awarding prizes to the top 3 projects that meet the criteria below:

  • The repo must be open source and hosted on GitHub.
  • The project must use Bitwarden Secrets Manager.
  • The completed project must be submitted by October 31st, 2023.

How to participate

  1. Create a Bitwarden Organization and enable Bitwarden Secrets Manager. You can follow our Getting Started guide to get up and running. If you’re already using Bitwarden, you can use an existing Organization or create a new free Organization.
  2. Create a new project that uses Bitwarden Secrets Manager. You can use any language or framework you like.
  3. Submit a link to your project to this thread by October 31st, 2023.


  • 1st place: $1000 + Bitwarden Secrets Manager T-shirt
  • 2nd place: $500 + Bitwarden Secrets Manager T-shirt
  • 3rd place: $250 + Bitwarden Secrets Manager T-shirt


Using Bitwarden Secrets Manager, self-host open source implementations of the following:

  • DNS
  • Web application
  • Database
  • Analytics software
  • Financial software
  • Something else – we’re excited to see what you can come up with!

You can use technologies like Docker, Ansible, etc. Be creative!

What we’re looking for

  1. Innovation and Creativity: How creatively did you use Bitwarden Secrets Manager with your project?
  2. Security and Compliance: How effectively does your solution enhance the security of the self-hosted tool and its sensitive data? Does it comply with industry best practices?
  3. Usability and Documentation: Is your solution user-friendly and well documented? Can others easily replicate and use it in their environments?
  4. Community Impact: How much positive impact has your participation had on the community?

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with! If you have any questions, please ping me here.

Happy hacking!


Here is my project for the hacktoberfest event :slight_smile:

I have demonstrated how we can self host an express mysql project and secure the credentials using bitwarden secrets manager.