✨ Secrets Manager Beta is now live! (Calling all Devs + DevOps!)

To better serve developer, DevOps, and IT teams Bitwarden announces Secrets Manager, a new solution to easily and securely manage privileged secrets across the development lifecycle.

Available in open beta, Bitwarden Secrets Manager helps these teams tackle common developer challenges, including the decentralized management of secrets across multiple systems and services.

How to get involved in the beta

Anyone can get started! To enable Secrets Manager, first ensure you have created a Bitwarden account and are part of an organization — can be free or paid. Once you have an account and an organization, the beta can be enabled from the admin console of the web vault. For more step-by-step instructions for enabling Secrets Manager beta, visit the Bitwarden Secrets Manager beta homepage.

Leaving feedback

Explore expected pricing

While in beta, Secrets Manager is free for all users. Secrets Manager will exit beta later this summer. Explore future pricing and plan options to prepare for the official launch on the Bitwarden Secrets Manager homepage.


Any updates on the progress for this?

We are making great progress and are planning to launch the Secrets Manager Beta in Q1 of this year! We will send out notifications to people who have signed up at the links above as soon as the Beta is available.


the Secrets Manager is not intended for use on mobile or desktop. It’s meant for storing server credentials for automation of and for services. So it will never be found there. However if you still want to register you can do on the google forms document or cryptpad link in the OP


Will BSM work with things like Ansible, Packer, Terraform, and bash scripts from the get go?

Bitwarden Secrets Manager will have a CLI and SDK available from the start, but direct integrations with Ansible, Packer and Terraform may not be available at the time of the beta launch and may require additional development and implementation work.

I’d be happy to test and offer suggestions it needs be.

I’m currently using the bitwarden-cli to export variables in a kinda hacky way: proxmox-packer-bitwarden/credentials.sh at master · modem7/proxmox-packer-bitwarden · GitHub so anything that helps the process, would be great!

Something like a Hashicorp plugin (obviously, pending what the SDK/CLI/API can do) e.g. SSH Key - Datasources | Packer | HashiCorp Developer would be very useful, but failing that, any easier way of exporting values via script without contantly logging in/unlocking would be excellent, similar to what GitHub - envwarden/envwarden: Manage your server secrets with Bitwarden was attempting to achieve.

But also, being able to use it in Docker would be an absolute gamechanger, as many of us don’t really wish to use the Docker secrets management as it’s…cumbersome at best.

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That sounds perfect! Just dropped you a PM.

two things:

  1. i can’t open the link. “Something went wrong”. is the Beta closed already?
  2. will it also include PGP Key Management? as i use PGP keys a lot

The link is still valid. Try another browser and maybe disable your ad/ script blocker if any are used.
The links however changed. They used to be on cryptpad and alternatively google forms but is now using an internal form

Thanks for everyone’s patience as we migrate over to a form that will better support you all during the beta.

The link above is now live if you still want to sign up to be notified about the beta.

If you completed the previous forms there is no action required.

What types of secrets will this cover? runtime? API? etc?

Will Bitwarden Secrets Manager be a separate product? Or will it be part of Bitwarden password manager? If you have an existing Bitwarden subscription, will it include Bitwarden Secrets Manager?

Hi @dronenb! Bitwarden Secrets Manager will be a separate product, also sold separately.
Please note that for the upcoming beta release of Secrets Manager, users will need to have a Bitwarden Password Management Organization.

For any watchers on this topic, the post above has been updated! :point_up:


Already found myself confused for a second.

According to The Bitwarden Secrets Manager | Bitwarden

Under Settings > Subscription, deploy Secrets Manager beta by clicking the associated check box

Subscriptions are under the tab Billing

Thanks, the team is correcting this one! :+1:

for anyone who wants to safe their time and not always adding flags and looking for the undocumented or rather incomplete config file specification…

I created an alias for my token which exports it as the env variable

alias bws-token='export BWS_ACCESS_TOKEN=$(cat /usr/local/bin/bws-token/)'

and set a config file for the default bitwarden server with my desired output format

color = "yes"
output = "yaml"
server_base = "https://vault.bitwarden.com"
#server_identity = "https://vault.bitwarden.com"

Is there any pricing info that can be shared at this stage? I don’t want my dev team to fall in love with it if its going to push us beyond our budget

Thanks for the feedback @dltmurphy we will release pricing info as soon as we are able to :+1: