Group search results by folder/collection

Search results contains all records from all collections, and it is not possible to understand what collection what record belongs to.
Since bitwarden use collection based permission model, we have something like

  • My Collection (dev)
  • My Collection (prod)
    Each collection has “My Item” with environment specific information.

Do the search of “My Item”.
Got such results:

  • My Item
  • My Item

(Sorry, I am unable to attach more than one image)
I cannot understand which item for dev and which for prod.

In this situation I have only one way to fix it: name each item according to the environment.
Like this:

  • My Collection (dev)
    • My Item (dev)
  • My Collection (prod)
    • My Item (prod)

I have to do that for EVERY record. I am a corporate user. We have tons of such records.

From the UX perspective I see two options here:

  1. Make it possible to assign permissions for a specific record (hard way)
    That will eliminate need in environment specific collections.
  2. Group search results by collection/folder like on the picture (easier way)

So I propose to add a “group by collection/folder” option to the search results.
Search results will be grouped by a container, and that will eliminate need to name items in a special way to distinguish collection.

What do you think?

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