Gravatar support in macOS app

Would love to see Gravatar support in the Mac desktop app!

I’m happy to see that Gravatars are supported in the Bitwarden web app. :muscle:

What would be the use case of the gravatar? That you can add a gravatar link to a vault item that will then show the gravatar (e.g. a customer)? Or would you just want to have the gravatar URL as a custom field (these already exist) so you can easily paste your gravatar?

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Hi Jurgen!

On the macOS app’s title bar, see where the logged-in user email is? If your email is [email protected], you’ll see a"JO" on the left of the email.

If there was a Gravatar picture for the above email, you would see the Gravatar image where the “JO” is.

On macOS and iOS, you only see “JO” (or whatever the start is of the logged-in user email). On the web app, Gravatar icons appear in that place.