Gravatar support in mobile app

Hi all,

Since the new account switching feature came to the mobile app recently (which is a great addition btw), the large user icon with my initials in a coloured circle that is displayed in the top left of the screen has become increasingly annoying - yes it’s ultimately an inconsequential annoyance, but I just find it unsightly and that it clutters the otherwise clean UI.

So I went about setting up Gravatar so that the plain old coloured circle would be replaced with a more personal picture of myself. After creating a Gravatar account and switching it on in the Bitwarden web settings, I was pleased to see it replace the initials-in-a-coloured-circle icon in the web vault, but disappointed to see the icon remain unchanged in the mobile app. It seems that the mobile app isn’t set up to check for an available Gravatar icon (and replace the default place holder one if available) even if Gravatar is switched on in the Bitwarden account settings, unlike the web vault. I guess this probably just got forgot about and needs a simple fix to achieve parity between the web vault and mobile app in this area?

Just a hunch, but did you try completely logging out of the Bitwarden browser extension and then logging back in again?

Hi @Thames,

I don’t believe the mobile app has support for gravatars. The settings for the clients are not synced.

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Hi @Hinton, thanks for confirming that.

Perhaps this post could be re-converted back into a feature request then? I think having continuity in this area between the web vault and the mobile app would be nice. (Or should I create a new feature request post?)

Hey @Thames, I’ve converted the question into a feature request and updated the name accordingly.

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Many thanks @dwbit!

Gravatar support in the mobile apps would be a lovely quality of life feature!

I just created a similar feature request to enable Gravatar support for the macOS desktop app: Gravatar support in macOS app

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Good idea Dave, I’ve lent my vote to that request also! :slight_smile:

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