Go to app button when pressing auto-fill with auto-fill disabled

Feature name

  • ‘Open Bitwarden’ button when pressing auto-fill on mobile with auto-fill disabled.

Feature function

Currently if you have the Auto-Fill button of Bitwarden in your notification bar and press on it while your settings have Auto-Fill disabled you receive a text box stating: “Please enable ‘Auto-fill accessibility service’ from Bitwarden settings to use the auto-fill tile.”.

You can get rid of this textbox with an ok button. Following that you have to go to the app yourself to edit this setting. I want to add an ‘Open Bitwarden’ button so the user can directly go to the app.

I am looking for a first issue I can tackle myself for a Merge Request and this seems like a simple and fun easy job I can pick up. I am curious if more people experienced this issue and if it is okay to tackle this feature myself!