Giving access to vault upon death

How do I allow the trustee of my estate to get access to my bitwarden vault so that they can get to my passwords and other stuff I keep in bitwarden. If I pass them my userid and password can they get access to bitwarden from their untrusted computer or will they need to be signing in from my computers or phone?

You have two choices:

  1. Emergency Access
  2. Emergency Kit

And, you ought to have both for less traumatic things, such as lost/broken phone or age-related-memory-issues.

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I see that to set up Emergency Access is a process where I invite the trustee, they then setup their own bitwarden to accept my invite and then they confirm it and then I confirm it. Then they have emergency access without needing to use my computers.

But I don’t want to give them this access until after I am gone. How does this work for that situation?

From: Emergency Access | Bitwarden Help Center

You will be provided access to the grantor’s vault after the configured wait time, or when the grantor manually approves (see Manage access tab) the emergency access request.

They request access, then wait til the end of configured wait period, and you have the option to reject or approve (immediately) in the mean time.

You can manually approve or reject an emergency access request before the configured wait time lapses.

To clarify the above question in particular: anybody can sign in to your Bitwarden account from any device at any time, as long as they have your username, master password, and 2FA. If they don’t have your 2FA, they can still log in to your account if they first disable your 2FA, by using the two-step login recovery code.

The basic problem you explain appears to be not to allow your trustee access prior to your sad demise.

If you have difficulty with the idea of a sealed envelope in the hands of a lawyer or trustee not being opened/used until your death, one solution is to create two bits of information which must be combined to form the key, so two independent people or places must be compromised for anyone to use it.

I do not suggest having any necessary component for access stored solely at your home, given cause of death may included its destruction by fire.


I very much like the idea of the two bits of info being given to two people.

And the suggestion about about not storing any component of access stored solely at home.

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