Generate password from right click menu

I am using Bitwarden for a while now, and recently I got a LastPass account from work. I’ve noticed that in LastPass, I have the option to generate a secure password when creating an account just by clicking “generate secure password”.
While using Bitwarden, I have to open the app, go to Generator and get my password. It would be much more handy to have this option from the right click menu (in a field).

This option is already there - right click in the field > “Bitwarden” > “Generate password (copied)”:


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looks like bad naming, this probably should be called “Generate and copy password”


Thank you for your replies. Indeed, the option is there and the name is not the best. I thought that the option will copy the password after I generate it from Bitwarden :man_facepalming:

I was expecting to automatically fill in the field with the generated password, not just copy it to clipboard

Thanks again for the clarification!