'Generate Password (copied)' item in Chrome when right-clicking, nothing happens

Hi, when I want to sign up on a website, you want to use a Bitwarden generated password, so on Chrome page, I right-click to use the feature ‘Generate Password (copied)’ :

But I discovered that nothing happened, because it is just copying (!). Why it is not a password generation item?
What is the process then to generate a password to sign up to a website? Regards

Hey @Christop this will copy it to the clipboard which you can then paste.

I’ll review with the team to see if we can improve the language used here.

Some ideas:

  • Generate pastable password
  • Generate password for pasting
  • New Password (in clipboard)
  • New Password (must paste)

I agree the language could be altered to make it a bit more intuitive.
Perhaps Generate Password (Copied to Clipboard)

Thanks all, something like Generate Password (Copy to Clipboard) or derivative would probably work, I’ll circle back with any updates.

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Thanks for your answers. What looks strange is not just the name, it is also the process: context menus usually do something visually, but this one is doing nothing visually.
I would recommend to name it ‘Insert an auto-generated password’ and have it insert it in the clicked field, this way there is a concrete action instead of nothing happening.