Full vault backup

Feature name

An option for a full vault backup, including password history, trash and files.

Feature function

There should be an option to download everything Bitwarden knows about me GDPR style, including a full vault backup of all files, password history and settings. You might want to back old passwords up because they could leak – and you may want to know what site it was and e-mail you used.

As a EU citizen, I have a right to know everything Bitwarden knows about me anyway, so implementing a simple export feature would ease work on Bitwarden’s side since they don’t have to manually process GDPR requests.

It should be fairly simple to implement as well, just fetch the relevant files and parts of the database and zipping them together.


They neither know about your passwords nor their history. This is all inside the vault which is encrypted with your password which they also do not know. For more details see here.

To find out if your passwords got leaked you can go to https://vault.bitwarden.comToolsExposed Passwords ReportCheck Exposed Passwords and/or to https://haveibeenpwned.com.

They know its encrypted form, which can be decrypted with the master password of the user. That’s how exports are done as now…

Thanks for the suggestion! The exports are really intended for backing up current-state data or import into another account/system, but I understand the premise :slight_smile:

One item to note - you can delete your account data (completely) at any time by visiting https://vault.bitwarden.com/#/recover-delete

And of course - if you’d rather maintain all your data, you can absolutely self-host in our free, premium, family, and enterprise plans.

It’s not very user friendly (though it is very developer friendly), but the bw CLI has excellent support for exporting everything in your account, including trash, and all password history in easy to parse JSON.

bw list items --pretty
bw list items --pretty --trash
bw list organizations --pretty
bw list collections --pretty
bw list folders --pretty

Haven’t seen anything for settings though.