Full email address shown on "Verify PIN" page when app is locked; should be asterisked out

This is more of security tweak than a feature request but it is a little detail that should not be overlooked.

When I lock my account on the Android app, it states on the “Verify PIN” page:

Your vault is locked. Verify your PIN code to continue.

Logged in as [email protected] on bitwarden.com

This is where somebody who could peek at my phone get some information of mine just by looking at this page over my shoulder. I don’t want my full email address shown on a page that has locked out everybody else but the user. It should read r********@domain.com (with a random number of asterisks) at the very least so that peekers can’t easily see my email address, even over my shoulder.There’s simply no good reason to show any login info on the Verify PIN page. None.

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