Folders not showing when My Vault is selected in Web browser only (shows in Android and Windows apps)

I migrated useing an exported .csv file from Lastpass. It imported without issue into Bitwarden. The only issue I have is in the web app ONLY, when I click on My Vault the folders I had in Lastpass disappear. The folders show when the All Vaults is selected. This only happens in the web application running in Chrome (latest version) browser. It does not happen in the Windows app nor does it happen on my Android app. I was hopeing it was just a sync issue, but I have left it alone over night and it still exist. Any help will be appreciated. I have the Premium Membership FYI.

Think it’s a known bug in the web vault (& fixed)

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So after reading all these threads I do see where folks are saying it is “fixed” and “merged”, but has the new release with these fixes not been released yet? If it has been released and “fixed”, mine is still broken. Sorry, I just want to make sure I understand. Thanks for the replies.

New releases are announced here. If a fix has been merged, it should be available in the next release. Note also that once a release is out, it may have to go through an approval process before it is available to be downloaded from various app stores; this adds an additional delay.

No, I guess it’s about a month away but I wouldn’t have thought it was important?
Easy workaround is just don’t click on “My Vault”, use “All Vaults”.
I rarely use the Web Vault anyway, the browser extensions are much more usefull or even the desktop apps. :+1:

On another issue it will take a little time to get used to BW from LP, main thing for me is to not rely on BW when setting up a new account or changing a password. LP would always catch these but BW often does not so keep a copy in e.g. notepad when doing account changes.

I agree, it is not a game changer. But, for a new user, when I see an anomaly this obvious, I start to wonder if I have some corruption in my vault (database) from my mass import. And if it is some corruption, was all the changes and updates to the accounts (I am doing a lot of cleanup) going to be saved or have to be deleted to be fixed. I appreciate the great information.

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Although this is quite off-topic, I’d like to share the work flow I usually recommend for registering new accounts or making password changes:

In the browser extension, open the (existing) login item for editing (or click “Add a login” and enter a username, if it’s a new account), then click the generate (:arrows_counterclockwise:) icon in the password field (which takes you to the generator), click “Select” in the upper right corner (which copies the generated password to the vault item, and finally click “Save” in the upper right corner. At this point, you can click “Auto-fill” to transfer the password (and username) to the web form.

When changing passwords, the only tricky part is the “old password” field (which is also auto-filled with the new password). If you work quickly, or if your clipboard timeout is sufficiently long, you can place the old password in the clipboard at the beginning of the process, before you start editing the vault item (by just clicking the “Copy” button). Otherwise, you’ll have to retrieve it from the password history. In either case, you’ll need to paste the old password over the auto-filled value in the “old password” field on the form.

I can confirm the same behavior. Just migrated from Last Pass today. The folders show when All Vaults are selected. If I click on My Vautl, the folders disappear.

Is possible to fix it in the next release?

I think so, and in the next 8 or 9 hours. by 0300 GMT

If not working by this time tommorrow then I’m wrong.

And welcome, I’m a LastPass refugee too, I came over 1st Jan. I’m quite happy here.

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Awesome! Thank you. The fix is ok, and the issue is not happening anymore. Well done!

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