Extremely concerning, Folders missing from WebVault

Hi, i Recently updated to Argon2 KDF iterations, after I did that I decided to create some new folders and organize things a bit, I created 2 new folders and moved a few items into each of them.
after that I logged into my desktop app, the folders show there fine, i then went back into the web fault and noticed that the folders and the items in there only show when all vaults is selected, when i select my vault, those new folders, as well as a couple of others including “no folder” disappear it, seems I can still see and search for the items when I have my vault selected and if I move an item it I can select the missing folders to move the item to, but the folders themselves do not appear on the web vault. on the windows desktop app and android app, the folders and items show correctly

I have checked all other organizations I’m apart of none of them show the folder either, I can only see them with all vaults selected. I did an export of both vaults from the desktop and web vault and the file is the same size. I did a full sync and logged out of both desktop and web vault but the folders are still missing in the web version. I tried both Firefox and Google Chrome.

the folders also show fine in the extensions

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FWIW I have always had this same behaviour (since 1st Jan when I signed up) and I use PBKDF2 so it is not an Argon2 issue. I have never understood this because I only have 1 vault so obviously my folders are in my vault.
My workaround is to never click “My vault”

My account is 2 months old, using PBKDF2, never tried Argon2, same problem as OP.
This happened since the 2023.02 web update, need to click All vaults to see folders.
This is by design somehow, hope somebody can explain it.

It smells like a bug to me. :beetle:

And it’s reproducible: Any folder, at any level, that contains at least one vault item (even a deleted vault item that still exists in the Trash), becomes hidden in the “My Vault” view.

The fact that it’s reproducible means that it’s fixable. Somebody just needs to document the issue on Github (if it hasn’t already been done). I may do so later, if nobody beats me to it.

Looks like it’s already been reported, though a fix may already be in the works it seems. According to a commentor there the issue doesn’t seem prevalent in the current code base, but is still reproducible in the current release.

Edit: Looks like the GitHub Clients repo PR 4700 was merged that fixed this.