Folder/Collection selection for new Items

I would like to see an option for configuring the location (Folder) for new password Items.

When you login to a website and Bitwarden doesn’t have an entry for this website it’ll ask you to save it to your vault. Currently all new items are placed in the ‘No Folder’ directory and it would be nice if a folder could be selected first before saving it to the ‘No Folder’ directory.

Rather than auto-saving to a folder it would be good if it popped up a window with all the fields pre-entered and from there you can rename, add URI’s, add to collection etc all before creating the item.

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Its good idea, could be added on the popup asking for save the password

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Even if there was not a UI option present to choose a folder, the ability to simply define a default folder ahead of time, for all newly created items as a result of using the ‘save this site’ button would be very helpful - I only use folders as a form of organisation, so each time i save a site having to then manually open the entry, edit it, set a folder, and save it again is cumbersome when ideally we should be able to do this automatically


Whenever you save a login through the browser extension BitWarden does not offer you to save it to a folder or organization/collection. This is a must as most users want to quickly save a password and move on with their workflow. They will not bother to spend time logging in the bitwarden webpanel, search for the login they just saved, then select and move it to a folder or share it with an organization/collection.

I have used many other password managers, and I cannot remember a single popular one that does not have this option. Adding all logins to the root folder(No Folder) is just bad practice. Especially in an environment where 99% of the passwords need to be shared within an organization.

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If I add a new login through the browser extension, I see the option for setting a folder. Do you mean when the popup asks if you want to automatically save a new login?

Yes, I mean when the popup asks whether to save the new login automatically. This is the way we’ve always been adding new logins to make sure the correct URL and fields get saved etc.

It would be great if there is an option allowing the user to select the Folder or Organization/Collection as soon as the login was saved using the popup. In order to not be intrusive, it can be offered if the user clicks on the BitWarden browser icon right after the login has been saved using the popup.

I have multiple folders to divide my personal, work and freelance credentials.
It’s very annoying to move items after their creation from save credentials notification bar.
So I think it would be very cool to have ability to select save folder in that notification bar itself.

I’m trying to implement that myself, but need some consultation cause i’m newbie in frontend.

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It’s an duplicate of Folder selection for new Items and Save Login to a Folder/Collection From Browser Extension if I right understood so maybe it would be useful to merge all this 3 topics

Hi @dm3ch, thanks for taking this one on! From looking at your pull request, it looks like you are adding a drop-down <select> element to the notificationBar. Would you consider a solution like @liam.heaver suggested?

Rather than auto-saving to a folder it would be good if it popped up a window with all the fields pre-entered and from there you can rename, add URI’s, add to collection etc all before creating the item.

For example - you could add a new button on the notificationBar, e.g. “Save and Edit”. When the user clicks that, it saves the login as per normal, but then immediately opens the browser extension popup on the Edit page for that login item.

This would be more versatile because it would let the user edit anything about the login, rather than just the folder. I also think it would be easier to implement, because you can use the existing Edit page for all the heavy lifting - all you have to do is open it.

The forums are more active for general discussion than Github, so if you’d like feedback from the community, I recommend creating a new topic in the Github Contributions category.

I will take a look and would try to implement both.

But suddenly for my use-case my way would work better, cause I’m willing to add default save folder selection, and this drop-down will allow controlling that in different browsers, before safe.

During research of @liam.heaver idea I found that I’m not sure if that’s possible to open extension popup window by some background event. Maybe I have just searched not so good.

But if there’s some developer who can point how to do that, I could try to implement that.

There is a browserAction.openPopup() method, but it doesn’t look like you can call it from the context of the webpage.

As an alternative, I think you could open the popup in a new window as suggested by this stackoverflow post, but I haven’t tried it. Might be worth checking with the devs what solution they think is best before spending too much time on it.

Hmm, If I right understood openPopup doesn’t opens extensions popup, but just opens some dialog window.

Stackoverflow post could be an option, but I’m not sure if UX of such case would be good enough.
Before implementing this way, I believe it would be better to ask core team what they think about that. :slight_smile:

@eliykat Maybe it would be better to create thread in contribution part of forum and discuss that with them first?

I agree, I’m not sure how well it would work from a UX perspective. It would require some testing. You’re working on it, so it’s your decision how you proceed - just my 2 cents.

why is this feature not deployed?
it was build by @dm3ch (thank you) and is ready as PR, everything was tested, but still no update from developers for last 3 weeks.

While we’re wrapping up a release, we have to freeze code as much as possible for testing.

@eliykat mentioned this will be reviewed next week and hopefully merged soon.


Would adding functionality to create folders by typing it be considered?
In lastpass you can type to find the folder and if the folder does not exist you can create one. You also get suggestion of existing folders with that name.
As folders are implemented as “tags” based on what I read in other threads, could you add this functionality?