Firefox Biometrics


Now that Make native messaging optional has been resolved in Firefox, would it be fine to revert Remove biometric from firefox ?

I’m one of the users eagerly waiting for the firefox biometrics integration. If this is not something already in the backlog, I can always create a new PR and contribute :slight_smile:

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Web

The team discussed this today during our standup and we’re going to put a card on our board for this to key off of the FF version in the nightly that supports it, to ensure there’s a min version (vs. binary check).

The issue is that one of our team tested over the weekend and again this morning and it appears while the optional permission works, there is another issue that needs to be addressed with other promises that invalidate the “user input” detection, so it will require some additional tweaks in how we request permission. Unless you feel you have a clear path for this to work, please stay tuned and we’ll get this turned back on for FF at that min version soon.