Fingerprint Support (All Platforms) - To do not re-prompt the master password all the time


In my opinion, all those requests should be one. I think it’s best to include it with Windows Hello support.


I agree. Since this request writes “All Platforms”, perhaps even MacOS Touch ID can be noted.

@K0media, do you know if these threads (and their votes) can be combined, if the original poster can do that?

Touch ID support for macOS = 146 votes
Fingerprint Support (All Platforms) - To do not re-prompt the master password all the time = 111 votes
Support Windows Hello Unlocking = 33 votes
Fingerprint for web extesion = 6 votes
Windows Hello Integration = 2 votes

In total, adding biometric support to Mac/PCs (Touch ID, Windows Hello, and fingerprint readers) is at 298 votes.

I flag a moderator to see if he can help.

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Thank you. I could not find who was a moderator. Maybe I’m blind!

IMO, this remains the most important feature still missing from Bitwarden.


Till no progress on the implementation of Windows Hello and biometric sensors ?


I’ve asked @K0media if he can combine all the threads about biometric login (Apple Touch ID + Windows Hello). In total, the five threads have 443 votes!

219 votes:
136 votes:
55 votes:
13 votes:
9 votes:

Windows Hello support is possible with Electron, according to Dashlane.

Call native libraries for Windows Hello

Before taking our decision, we had to make sure that Electron suited our needs. One of them was to be able to call a native dll written in C++ from the application and be able to call Windows libraries. As an example, we tried to interact with the Windows Hello API. Windows Hello is a feature in Windows 10 which allows you to log in into your session with a pin or a bio-metric device (fingerprint, face recognition, maybe DNA in the future :grin:) . With this API, we use Windows Hello to log in in the current application so it’s a good benchmark to see what we can do with the Electron Framework.

Surprisingly it was not difficult to achieve. The ffi package was a big help for that. With this package, you can directly load a dll from JavaScript.