Fingerprint Support (All Platforms) - To do not re-prompt the master password all the time


In my opinion, all those requests should be one. I think it’s best to include it with Windows Hello support.


I agree. Since this request writes “All Platforms”, perhaps even MacOS Touch ID can be noted.

@K0media, do you know if these threads (and their votes) can be combined, if the original poster can do that?

Touch ID support for macOS = 146 votes
Fingerprint Support (All Platforms) - To do not re-prompt the master password all the time = 111 votes
Support Windows Hello Unlocking = 33 votes
Fingerprint for web extesion = 6 votes
Windows Hello Integration = 2 votes

In total, adding biometric support to Mac/PCs (Touch ID, Windows Hello, and fingerprint readers) is at 298 votes.

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I flag a moderator to see if he can help.


Thank you. I could not find who was a moderator. Maybe I’m blind!

IMO, this remains the most important feature still missing from Bitwarden.


Till no progress on the implementation of Windows Hello and biometric sensors ?


I’ve asked @K0media if he can combine all the threads about biometric login (Apple Touch ID + Windows Hello). In total, the six threads have 456 votes!

219 votes:
136 votes:
55 votes:
13 votes:
13 votes:
9 votes:

Windows Hello support is possible with Electron, according to Dashlane.

Call native libraries for Windows Hello

Before taking our decision, we had to make sure that Electron suited our needs. One of them was to be able to call a native dll written in C++ from the application and be able to call Windows libraries. As an example, we tried to interact with the Windows Hello API. Windows Hello is a feature in Windows 10 which allows you to log in into your session with a pin or a bio-metric device (fingerprint, face recognition, maybe DNA in the future :grin:) . With this API, we use Windows Hello to log in in the current application so it’s a good benchmark to see what we can do with the Electron Framework.

Surprisingly it was not difficult to achieve. The ffi package was a big help for that. With this package, you can directly load a dll from JavaScript.


How to hell one may vote for that? :slight_smile:

Well, I do request fingerprint support for Win 10 as well… Count my vote please! :slight_smile: And yes, I will be thankfully and with pleasure pay for it

Edit: probably I am too new to vote…


Argh, it’s been over a year since I voted on this guys! Lastpass doubled my fee last year and have now increased it again by 50% this year, so it’s now triple what it was and I still can’t move to you because you don’t have fingerprint recognition for authorisation and authentication on the desktop :pensive:


Same remark here. I’ve been using Bitwarden for over a year now. When I searched for a good, FREE, cloud based yet secure password manager, I stumbled upon Bitwarden. Even back then, one of my priorities for my PWM wannabe would be fingerprint support whatever the platform. I saw this very discussion and I thought that time would bring this feature.

More than one year later, and after having read all the posts (I think) I still do not see any hint on whether this feature is in developpment or not.

I created my account to post on this very issue.

I think adding this feature would render Bitwarden “the killer” password manager. Hell make it a premium feature ! As one of you guys mentionned, I would pay for that feature.

That being said, thumbs up for the devs, great app, great ergonomy, but please please, implement this !


@Orion we have MacOS TouchID on deck to work on shortly. Windows Hello will be a separate item.

Of course we definitely have you covered on Android/iOS through your biometric of choice :slight_smile:


It makes sense to prioritize limited development resources based on market share. As of April 2020, 88% of all desktops/laptops run Windows while only 9% run MacOS.

It’s true that all shipping MacOS laptops include a fingerprint reader while Windows Hello has less market penetration, but I can’t see that compensating for the vastly lower number of Macs in actual use.

Of course you probably have your own metrics, I would be very interested if MacOS is better represented on Bitwarden users specifically. I’d expect more MacOS users to choose 1Password given its history on the platform. link

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@Pyran - fair case. I can’t speak to the overall engineering efforts, but the idea is to get the most straightforward use-case (Touch ID) out in the field and then look at Windows Hello since there are multiple iterations and methods to use “Hello” to authenticate.

Of course as we evaluate, the timelines/order may change :slight_smile:


Sure, it is of course your call. Just happy to see it’s on the list-- biometric authentication is the single biggest feature missing from BW right now, IMO.

@ikjadoon, unfortunately, as I’m not an admin or anything like that, I can’t merge separate topics to a single one. GitHub has that feature that works seamlessly, but I’m not sure right now if Discourse has that feature. It should be taken care from the community maintainers’ side.

But I completely agree that these other requests should be merged to a single thread. As I came first right after Kyle (when Bitwarden didn’t grow so much) told me about this new community, the request became popular, and I didn’t expect so many votes so suddenly.

Anyway, there’s a lot going on behind BW’s scenes right now. But as always it’s crawling in baby steps. We’ll have to wait to see what the developers and admins will say. Right now I’ve just set up the new community for people who want to chat freely about everything about Bitwarden, but it’s completely off-topic to this and should be reported somewhere else.
It’s just a small info that I should report fyi.

Anyway, regarding the requests merging, only the admins and moderators have that power. I’m not sure how many people Kyle hired to keep things going fine under his control, but right now we’ll have to wait and see what’s next.

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Discourse does indeed have that feature, moderators and admins can do it if they choose.

It seems like the posts got merged; without vote accumulation though Support Windows Hello Unlocking

I am too waiting impatiently for this feature.
Bitwarden is so great I’m a big fan of it since years and almost all my friends start using it after I talk about it with them.

Hi @samuelg - welcome!

The votes were kept, however if individuals voted on each thread, it’s only counted once.

But, the good news is regardless of the current vote count. this is in our sights :slight_smile:


Hi @tgreer, any plan for Linux fingerprint support?
See here: Linux Fingerprint and/or Biometric support

At the very least, It’d be great if BW team can check if it is feasible, at all.

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Thanks for the information! We’ll definitely evaluate the options :+1: