Filter special characters in generated passwords per login

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I have requested similiar help via reddit forum and got redirected here. Please include this functionality. It is most essential as per me.

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Would be great if we could override the password generator options for a specific login. For example, I have my default password generator setup as “password” with a 30 character length and to include letters, numbers and special characters.

And while this is what I use 90% of the time, I have a few accounts that do not allow passwords generated with these options.

Some, for example, limit the password to 12 characters (eg, Walmart).
And some, for example, do not allow special characters.

Now, when I generate a password for Walmart in BitWarden and change the password length limits, it changes the length in the global password generator options, so the next time I run the password generator, it is a 12 character password.

What would be great is if we could have the global password generator set up with the default options, and then have a way to override the generation options for a specific login that does not change the default options.

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Something like a non-global password generator, right?
It pops-up, after clicking on an icon within the item.

Right. There would be a granular, non-global option on the password creation for specific sites but a global setting for everything else.

Would at least like to have the password generator pop up when I create a new login entry in the Web UI, right now I have a separate tab with the password generator so I can set up the password the way I like it (length, character composition, etc) and then copy and paste it in.

This is something I loved from Keepass. You can derive the new password from the old password settings.

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Just thought of this and am glad someone has already posted a request. Vote added.

Being able to override the default password generator options on a per-entry basis just makes sense, since every site seems to have randomly different criteria.

Many sites have their own list of acceptable special characters, so my only recommended addition to this feature request would be:

I think it should also have a field where you can put custom special characters that the generator should use to override the defaults.

This additional info for each entry would need to be encrypted as well since knowing the parameters used to generate the password would help any bad actor to narrow down their search, should they somehow gain access to one’s encrypted database.

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Hopefully this topic: Apple Password Manager Resources becomes more prevalent and some of it can be automated :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I would like to see. Thanks for your clear and well-written post.

I just ran into this myself and what occurred to me is the option to copy paste from the rule to an input field with an include/exclude toggle check box. For instance I get this with a voip provider (today’s reason for a minor manual workaround)

• Password allows alphanumeric and the following characters: ! # $ % & / ( ) = ? * [ ] _ : . , { } + -

I came across this ohmyzsh extension today. I like the approach very much because the separator meets the requirement for valid special characters, an uppercase letter is included, the length is sufficient and the grouping makes the passwords easy to read (for example if you have to type or recite).

More or less my opinion… I want a list, of which I can just click, which special characters should be included by default and which not… (maybe even more differentiation between special character selection as in your example)
I was wondering a lot when realizing that I cannot use dot, comma, dash, etc…

new to bitwarden, coming from enpass. this was a feature they implemented fairly quickly on user feedback, and it is a very helpful one. i dont know the coding behind it, but it seems very simple and is extremely user friendly. ive included a screenshot of their generator, the include/exclude is at the bottom and the user simply has to type in the symbol set in question


I think this is best and clear solution to edit the special characters.
I’d also add the max number of repetition char, special, number and so on (on one site I use you can’t use password with more than 2 following equal characters, i.e.’ 4%AAAnahdlr’ is not valid as password) and max number of special char

I think an Eeasy solution would be, that the Password in the Generator is editable

That’s what came to my mind. Except it can be done right now… not in the password generator itself but when the generated password is in a password field for a vault entry (press the eye so you can see what you’re editing).

I still have to use Enpass for generating passwords for some websites because of the exclude feature which is very easy to use.

Some website just not allow specific characters.

nowadays most banking website or some usual websites lately only allows limited special characters as a password.
Bitwarden currently laking in this field as end-user can’t choose what special character they want in the password. Currently, users can only toggle the button to switch on special characters or off.

I would suggest adding a feature in the password generator to fill in which special character they want in the password to set. this will help the end-user not to press the generate password button “N” number of times until the password shows the special characters accepted by the website.

Reason this is needed:
I was just on a site the other day that had a length limitation of 8-20 (preventing the use of a password phrase) and that had some odd limitations on which special characters could be used (ex. they allowed $ and & but not ! for some reason).

The current password generator does have a huge benefit right now of simplicity. For most sites, you simply create a new password and there you have it. Your generic settings work to provide a strong password that can be used with most sites.

The goal should be to keep the current password generator for primary use but to add a more advanced option window for specific passwords. Preferably, those advanced settings would stick to the saved credential so that if you tried to generate a new password for the same site it would remember your advanced settings.

User interface
The KeePass method shown in the posts by @Olli (Filter special characters in generated passwords per login - #13 by Olli) are way too complex to add to the generic password generator options but they are fantastic for their customizability and would make for a great advanced option. Do keep in mind that some sites limit not just specific “special characters” but even specific letters or numbers so ideally, an “exclude these characters” field would allow any characters to be added.

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I too would like to see this; something like YM123 John’s first interface suggestion would work well. Currently I generate a password without special characters, paste the password into a text editor, manually type in the special characters I want to use, and then copy/paste the fixed password into the web site needing the new password. This is less than optimal from my point of view.

Off topic, I would like to see the comma character added to the special characters list. That’s the one I add most often.