Filter special characters in generated passwords per login

Please note that non all Bitwarden symbols are accepted.
For example, I always generate strong passwords for my MySQL databases.
But it seems that some characters are reserved (@, &,) and cannot be used.
It would be useful to be able to choose with characters to use.
Other password managers allow you to do this by simply providing your characters/symbols in a single text input field (as opposed to the Bitwarden checkbox to enable or disable the default symbols).
My 2c.

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Absolutely. And most frustrating, these are often financial institutions.

Yes, I agree. Many sites limit that characters.

We need this feature

+1 for this. I often had a situation where certain special characters were not allowed. Then I currently have to disable special characters completely which makes the password more insecure or delete them manually.
And as described here, more special characters should be added as well: Improve random password generation

There are many suggestions to ponder and I can see this topic has been around for quite some time now. Suggest we move on and do something. Merely having the ability to deselect individual characters from the current set of !@#$%^&* is enough to solve the issue.

Inspired by the password manager Enpass.

Some websites do not allow certain special characters and require that you use specific special characters. But usually you can’t exclude specific special characters when creating passwords with a password manager. This would be a useful function. Otherwise you have to manually change or delete the not allowed special characters from the password in such a case. Sometimes I got that, providers of insurances or online stores have exactly such a restriction. You have to use special characters, but you are only allowed to use certain special characters.

The provider Enpass has solved this elegantly, for example, in which he has an additional setting in the settings of “Create password”, where you can define which special characters should be used or which should be excluded.

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+1 - this is a feature I’ve been missing for a long time.

My personal use case is passwords that I sometimes have to type on mobile or TV ‘keyboards’, where not all special characters are equally accessible.

Most requirements are like “minimum 1 special character”, where any of “.,:;-+/*#!$%&()=?” (for example) will suffice, and characters like "^°´€` are much more difficult to get to.

I’d love to have a list of characters I want to use that the generator then picks from.

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The development priority list dictated by votes should not be the only source of decisions. There is also common sense…

Also, most users are usually lazy enough not to care and ask/report/vote at all, so the votes are not representative of your actual paying users.

@anton, I am afraid that your two paragraphs there might be a bit self-satirical. :slight_smile:

Part of the UI problem is that there are over 30 ‘special’ (not A-Za-z0-9) characters so handling these efficiently against varying site requirements is an issue.

My suggestion is just two editable fields, each with a checkbox so they can be enabled/disabled without editing. In one you enter any site-mandatory inclusions and the other site-mandatory exclusions, with unstated non-alphanumerics available characters for the generator like any other. This is quite efficient to manage.

Whether it is in fact a major problem is another question. Only direct or market votes, or regulation, can guide that.

There needs to be a way to exclude Special Characters as some sites don’t support the #, ^, % or other certain special characters. There should be a box next to each special character that can be checked or unchecked.

Or you can try how Enpass Offline Password Manager handles special characters. I will also apply an image below this that shows how Enpass Offline Password Manager handles this. They allow the user to type the special character they want to exclude or only include.

The way I hope Bitwarden implements this feature is having a box to check next to each special character it could look like:

:white_check_mark: !

:white_check_mark: @

:x: #

@TerranadoVortex I moved your post into this existing Feature Request thread (about limiting the special characters used by the generator).

I would love to see a resolution that would result in our being able to create a password that could include limited use of special characters and a password could be limited to a certain length or maximum in one step. How long does it take to get such resolution?