Apple Password Manager Resources

Apple is working on Password Manager Resources. A resource to share password rules, the url for a password change and combine url’s that support the same login between password managers.

Sounds like something for Bitwarden to support.

We’re definitely eyeballing it! :eyes:

Any updates on this? 1Password has been doing this for quite a while now apparently. I think Apple’s open source list of password “quirks” for websites is an amazing idea so anyone can contribute to it to improve it and all password managers using it then benefit immediately. Any ETA on this being implemented with the Bitwarden dev process?

We’re paying attention to this initiative, as well as the /.well-known password change URL approach that Google is taking, too. No ETA on any development at this time, though.

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This would be so helpful if the Bitwarden password generator could digest this information and use it when generating passwords. And, for me, would satisfy the need the “Filter special characters” post brings up…

Biased Opinion, not a feature request: Companies with a max length of 20 or less (maybe even 40 or less) should be publicly shamed until they lengthen (or remove) the limit. Why should I not be able to create a long password? That bugs me, especially when it’s a bank or something that should have the best security.

Character limits point towards storing the password instead of the (fixed length) hash.

There’s already a site for Plain Text Offenders, maybe you can suggest them to extend their criteria for listing :slight_smile: