Fill username / password / TOTP via context menu (browser extension)

Feature name

  • Fill username / password / TOTP via context menu
  • Besides, it would be nice if clicking the Bitwarden extension icon (Chrome) would show a button to copy the TOTP (currently it only shows username/password)

Feature function

  • Currently the browser extension allows us to copy username / password / OTP individually via the context menu (right click inside browser window and selecting “Bitwarden”)
  • It would be nice if the context menu allowed us to instead FILL the information and save us the extra CTRL+V
  • This would be useful on websites where Bitwarden for some reason doesn’t properly auto-recognize the fields and/or fills in the wrong fields on the page
  • I have yet to understand why we would prefer Bitwarden to put the information in our clipboard instead? Users can already do that by clicking the Bitwarden extension icon.

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Solved with latest update: image

Hi Peter_H, yes, I noticed the new clock icon today! This is great and the timing was funny.

However, my first question was why the context menu copies the code into my clipboard vs. just filling it into the field that the cursor is in. Seems the current solution requires an unnecessary CMD/CTRL+V.

If this is about changing from mouse to keyboard you can can also right click and select Paste.

Yeah sure, but just curious what the benefit of putting it in the clipboard is. Wouldn’t direct fill always be faster? Or am I overseeing a use case?


You can always click autofill and BW will search for appropriate box for it to fill into. I believe the copy to clipboard functionality is helpful when BW is not able to fill directly into the box or it fills into wrong boxes. Its the manual mode.

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I mean it’s a minor inconvenience, but intuitively I would just right-click into the username box and then select “Paste username”. Instead, I have to select “Copy username” and then press CTRL+V. Very minor but still unclear why it was designed that way.


What is the reason you don’t use the autofill feature?
If there are fields where the autofill feature won’t work as “plug and play” you can name another field in BW which links to one specific textbox in your browser (every textbox has a name or a type that will help BW identify the correct one. :slight_smile:

The link to the article about that from BW

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I am aware of Bitwarden’s features. I’m just asking why this one feature is designed the way it is.