Feature Request: Time-Limited Passwords with Customizable Expiration Handling

Dear Bitwarden Team,

I would like to propose a new feature for Bitwarden: time-limited or temporary passwords with customizable expiration handling. This feature would allow users to create passwords that automatically expire after a specified time period or on a specific date, with options for what happens after expiration.

Key features of this proposed functionality:

  1. Integration with the existing password generator.

  2. Option to set an expiration time when creating a new password entry.

  3. Flexible time settings:

    • Hours, minutes, seconds
    • Days
    • Specific date and time
  4. Customizable expiration handling:

    • Option to automatically delete the password entry from the vault upon expiration
    • Option to keep the expired password in the vault but mark it as expired
    • User-defined action to be taken upon expiration, set at the time of password creation
  5. Automatic handling of expired passwords:

    • Visual indication in the vault that a password has expired
    • Reminder notifications before password expiration

Use cases for this feature include:

  • Temporary access for contractors or guests
  • Time-limited shared accounts
  • Enhancing security for sensitive accounts by forcing regular password changes
  • Managing one-time use passwords that should be automatically removed after expiration

This feature would add an extra layer of security and convenience for users who need to manage temporary access or want to ensure regular password rotations. The ability to preset the expiration handling would give users more control over their vault’s organization and security.

I believe this addition would make Bitwarden even more versatile and secure, further setting it apart from other password managers.

Thank you for considering this feature request.

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