Password (vault item) expiration date

Please add a filed “Expiry Date” where I can define a date when a password has expired (or will expire). I use this in KeePass to mark passwords that have expired.

These password have a red “X” symbol over the Favicon and are not used when I log in via the hotkey.

GitHub issue: Add an expiration date to passwords? · Issue #163 · bitwarden/server · GitHub


Totally agree this feature is needed.

I also opened a GitHub issue back in December and it got some votes from people:

I think it is absolutely necessary!


This feature allows to store expired passwords, that are not actively used, but the account is still existing

yes, it’s really needed. I would like to get

  • a flag to mark an account as expired
  • an expiration date or range (like keepass has) and let the account expire automatically
  • a function/tool to expire all accounts at once, as we use Bitwarden in a company and have to change all accounts when someone leave. But it’s not possible to change all the accounts on one day, so I want to mark all as expired and change them in the next few days…

Just some thoughts on the design that I would personally find really useful:

  • Per entry in vault, optional field “password expiration date”. Ideally this date can be set either via a calendar OR by entering a number of days.
    • If an entry has a “password expiration date” in the past, the password field should be the color red
  • In Settings->Options the following should be available
    • Boolean option “Notify via email before passwords expire”
    • Boolean option “Notify via app before passwords expire”
    • Integer option “Number of days before passwords expire to send notification”

This feature should not be for passwords specifically but for each object. If I create a passport object I want it to remind me about the expiry.


How to know if this is going to happen, or not, and if yes, when ??

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Bumping this.

Just started looking at switching from KeePass 2 to Bitwarden, and this is kind of surprising that this feature hasn’t already been implemented. It’s a bit disappointing given how polished Bitwarden appears.

I’m currently auditing my online accounts and I have passwords I set years ago, or accounts with duplicate/similar passwords, and these need to be updated. I’m having to do this still in KeePass since I have the ability to mark these accounts as “expired” so I can remember what still needs to be changed.

On another note, many companies and company services require password changes at set intervals (30-60-90 days) and being able to set a reminder that a password will expire soon and should be changed is a pretty helpful feature.

This is a pretty basic and standard feature for a password manager. I also see that this has been requested a couple times on Passport expiration date and Expiration dates . Given that this has been an outstanding request since Mar 2018 (over a year and a half) with 73 votes (currently) across the 3 split requests, it would be nice to see a Bitwarden dev reply to this thread with some input or something. Will this be implemented and can we get a time frame?


Any updates or road map on when we can have this or if it is happening or not ?? I would appreciate if dev team can just response once to this request, and give us an idea on what is the plan for this request.

This is on our long term roadmap, but not scheduled for dev currently.


@tgreer Why long term? What’s the point of saving lots of passwords and remember to renew them manually? IMHO This seems a red flag for migration from Keepass as using long life passwords is not a good practice. Thanks

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When I say “long term” I mean it’s not up for development right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be done until 2025 either :slight_smile:

Everyone has their own password change and management workflows, and the spirit of the request is really just to serve as a friendly reminder that you have passwords that will expire, and roughly when they will . In the end it’s up to the user to practice good password hygiene and to the system to require password changes at required intervals.


is there any update on this request?

The presence of a reminder for expired passwords, but for example also for expired credit cards, it’s a feature that a password manager should really have there as basics.

Would be good to have an update on when you plan to implement this. It’s a more than 2 years old request.

Also, if you would please give some transparency on what other features are you working on currently, that would probably be helpful too to keep us users in the loop.

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I tested a lot of password Managers and I can’t remember if any of those “big ones” have this feature included. :confused:

May be this roadmap could help a bit.

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Not sure what you mean by “a lot” because KeePass, one of the four most widely used password managers according to Consumer Reports, however DOES include this extremely useful, and incredibly basic feature.

Many companies require you to update passwords regularly, as do some sites. A way to track and remind yourself through your password manager would be incredibly useful. Apply the same feature to other objects Bitwarden stores, such as credit cards, would also be rather useful.


Thanks for remembering me on KeePass. This was my first password manager many years ago. And you are right KeePass is full of features other password managers don’t have. :slight_smile:

I would use this… I have logins to work stuff that regulatory agencies have decided that I need to change my password every 30 days.

Having a “countdown” would be nice to know when I need to change.


I would love to see this feature implemented.

Expired entries should also have special icon or a icon-overlay over the regular icon.

KeePass displays an red X icon for expired entries:

KeePassXC displays the original icon and adds a small overlay-icon:

IMHO prefer the overlay icon of KeePassXC because here you still can recognize the entry by its icon.
It is up to you if you strike out the name, but this visual presentation would be useful to recognize expired entries faster.


But why is it even on a long term roadmap? This is just a basic feature that also increases password security a lot let alone that a lot of companys require you to have expire dates and for me it seems that it isnt event that big of an update than other things we got in shorter amount of time