Faulty Vault Time Out Settings

Hello Bitwarden Community,
I’m a person who hates having to re-enter my master password every 5 minutes. So I started selecting “Custom” and setting the vault to time out and prompt for the password every 10,000 hours or more. I figured that would be enough to stop it annoying me. Unfortunately, that approach has stopped working.

I don’t recall exactly when it stopped working, but I’m pretty sure it was on my previous Lenovo laptop and I recenty bailed on Windows and made the transition to a Macbook Pro. So I don’t believe it’s an OS issue, although I can’t be sure of that.

All I know is that I will select custom and set it to timeout every 10,000 hours and the very next time I need to access Bitwarden I am prompted for the master password. I will go back into settings and find, sure enough, my customized settings are intact. So I’ll close Bitwarden and open it and again, the prompt to enter the master password… and it is making me CRAZY!!!

Basically this glitch has forced me to cave in and just select “Never”. Can anyone please tell me, is that the only solution now? I can’t choose a large number of hours? Or have it prompt me once a month? Or even once a week? Feedback appreciated!

PS. the system just forced me to slect two tags before I could post and I really have no idea what was being asked for by hosting. So I just picked one at random. I picked app:all because off the top of my head I’m not 100% sure which situation I keep being prompted for master password… I know it’s happening alot in the browser extension, not sure about the desktop app. I’ll have to keep an eye on when and where it keeps happening.

This may be an emergent bug. I have seen similar reports recently, here and here. Seems to be something related to custom timeout settings on macOS clients. For now, can you try one of the predefined timeout options, instead?

I don’t know if this has been reported on GitHub yet. You may want to file a bug report there.

I am having the issue on a MacBook at the present time but I’m sure that it was happening on my windows laptop as well. I’ve only had this MacBook for a couple weeks and this issue has been plaguing me for longer than that.

As for exactly which iteration of Bitwarden this is happening with I will need to pay closer attention to that next time it happens. I too become a little disoriented with all the different editions of Bitwarden on my devices.

I noticed you were making reference to “web vault“ on one of the other similar threads, and if I understood correctly, you were suggesting that it appeared to be a web vault issue? I don’t know if that’s accurate for me because I am encountering this issue in the heat of battle, when I need Bitwarden to do its thing and this roadblock presents itself. And it’s very rare that I go into the web vault except when setting up the Bitwarden extension in a new browser. After that I’ll just use that browser extension and I’m pretty sure that that is where this issue has been cropping most frequently. (and by “web vault“ I assume you’re referring to the Bitwarden website, right?)

Does “Never“ count?

By “web vault”, I mean https://vault.bitwarden.com. At least one of the other users was having problems getting the custom timeout settings to “stick” in the web vault, but others have mentioned experiencing similar issues in other client apps (e.g., browser extensions). The previous reports seem to have in common that they were all on macOS systems.

Lol, yes, technically, but this option creates a security risk, because it stores your vault encryption key unprotected on your device.