Family vs. Teams plans

I have been using Bitwarden personally for a while and upgraded to a Premium account. I am now “spreading the word” and moving both family and people I work with (see below) over from LastPass. But I am not sure how to go about this and would appreciate some help.

I am in a reasonably common scenario, namely I have family requirements and also run a small (so-called solopreneur) business.

I basically have three core scenarios…

  • Standard password management for myself
  • Sharing of passwords with members of my family (3 others)
  • Sharing of passwords with two Virtual Assistants I have for my small business

NOTE : One of my family members is ALSO a Virtual Assistant and, as such, will fall into both the second and third buckets.

Since I am at the early stages of this (Premium account for personal use), I am wondering what the recommendation might be in terms of plans. For example, if I move to a Family plan that covers the first two buckets (personal and my family). If I then go with a Teams plan, for provide access to my VAs, do I need 2 seats or 4 (do I need to ALSO have seats for myself and my VA/family member or are those covered by my family plan)?

A bit confused but hope someone can clear this up for me.

Thank you.

Hi Mark! Welcome!

You’ll want to set up a Family plan and a Teams or Enterprise plan for your company. You’ll be a member of both, and will be able to access items, and move items to either Organization’s Vault.

Each Organization has distinct seats. The Family org can have up to 6, and Teams/Enterprise are per-user. You’d need a seat for yourself in the Teams/Enterprise Organization, plus any other users.

Hopefully that helps!

Thank you, @tgreer. I appreciate the response.

Just to clarify this, let me put some “names” on this. The folks involved are…

Child 1 (also acts as a VA)
Child 2
VA 1
VA 2

As I understand then, the Family plan will cover accounts for the first 4.

I will ALSO need a Team plan with 4 seats - the two VAs, but also seats for both myself and “Child 1”.

Specifically, even though Child 1 and I have accounts under the Family plan, I still need to purchase seats for the two of us on the Team plan.

Also, the two VAs don’t need to purchase any BitWarden account, correct?

Thank you again.


You’d need two Orgs:

Org 1 (Family) - up to 6 seats, covered.

  • Yourself
  • Your wife
  • Child 1 (VA)
  • Child 2

Org 2 (teams) - either 3 or 4 seats, depending on if Child 1 = VA 1 or not

  • Yourself
  • VA1
  • VA2
  • Child 1 (if they are another VA)

Sorry to barge in on this, but…I just sent an email via “contact us” regarding this topic. Upon successful submission, it was suggested that I visit the HELP and COMMUNITY sites…so here, I am.

My situation is similar:

  • Pre-existing FREE personal account with a shared collection (between myself and the Mrs)
  • Co-mingled my “work” IDs/Passwords into this pre-existing account
  • Hired someone at work that needs access to these “work” IDs/Passwords (he starts tomorrow, woo hoo!)

Can I…

Org 1 (Myself and the Mrs)
Myself @ home
Mrs @ Home

Org 2 (Family) - up to 6 seats, covered.

  • Myself @ work
  • New Co-worker
  • Myself @ home (pre-existing)

The goals are to AVOID:

  1. Violating the “terms of use”
  2. Keep my personal, pre-existing account from losing access to this information after it’s been exported from and imported to another account
  3. Having to sign in, out, in, out of each account to get my “shtuff” done
  4. Paying for additional functionality/options I don’t necessarily need
  5. Conflicts between the two orgs (I.e., can/can’t do in and between them)

Thoughts? Advice? Stern warning? ;0)

That configuration would work, no problem. You could even add your @home account to the family plan to access any shared credentials you need.

@tgreer, many thanks. Much appreciated.

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