Familiies vs. teams plan comparison


I read this post in this forum but it seems to have come from someone that already knows the differences between the two plans. I’m new to bitwarden and I’m trying to figure out the differences between the two.

The main difference I noticed that families plan is more expensive then teams, but I would have thought that Business plans would generally be more expensive then Personal plans, so I’m already questioning which one has what and why.

Could someone help me figure out what the differences are? Is it not even a difference in features but rather (also?) of TOS?


Hello @fbal and welcome to the community,

You are correct in your assumption that business plans are more expensive than the personal plans.

I believe you may be confused with the current difference between business and personal plans.

  • Business plans, such as Teams or Enterprise are priced per user/month on an annual basis, or a slightly higher cost if billed monthly

  • Personal plans however are only billed yearly at the price advertised, currently either $10/year for a personal premium plan, or $40/year for a families plan (which also provides premium access to your personal account) and is needed for sharing items in a Families Organization between individuals.
    With the Families Org you can share with up to 5 individuals (including yourself, so a total of 6 members). Breaking it down that works out to $3.33/month for the Families plan, or only ~$0.56/month between 6 family members.

As far as I understand the Teams and Enterprise plans provide some further features, specific to business use-case (such as Event logs, User groups, Directory Connector, etc.)

You may also wish to look at the Bitwarden Help section regarding the current plans and further details.

Regarding TOS, I believe a business using a Families plan would most likely go against acceptable use. Though the reverse should be fine, being that a Families plan is limited to 6 total members, if you need to share with more people than this a personal Families plan could upgrade to a business plan with no maximum user cap.

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