Family Vault Sharing Confusion

Like many users here, we moved from lastpass. In lastpass we had the options to share a folder from an account to another lastpass account. For example in my lastpass I would see a shared folder called Mom and one that says Dad. Inside would be all the passwords for their accounts.

I want this type of control with my BitWarden. When I add my mom & dad to my ‘Organization,’ I can now share “Collections” with them. I can’t move items to a collection in bulk it seems, I can only share my vaults passwords one at a time with a collection. Having the same entry inside a collection and in my vault is a bit confusing. It’s hard to tell whats being shared, and whats not. It doesn’t work. Inside the collection I can’t make folders either. My mother would see all her credit cards, login entries and notes all smashed together in a list.

When you share items into a collection, it needs to remove it from your personal vault, so you know whats happening. If I have all my moms credit card accounts in my vault, mingled with mine, it becomes messy.

My setup now is having a collection called “Dad Collection” and “Mom Collection”. I then share passwords from my vault to that collection. Those collections have no structure, I can’t sort or add a folder structure to them. I also want to know the difference between dad entries and my entries, so inside my vault I need a folder called “Dad Folder” & “Mom Folder.” Moving items into these folders doesn’t mean its shared with the proper collection, I need to then go in and remember what to share with the appropriate collection. It’s a very convoluted process, that would be a complete mess if normal people tried this. Can you imagine recommending this to someone else that was not tech savvy. Everybody has parents that need this.

**Edit you can select all and share entries to a collection. I’ve found a bug though. I selected all and shared a folders entries with a collection, I then deleted that collection. Those set of login entries, continue to show the shared icon by them, and stop me from selecting all and sharing to a different collection now… Other folder where I didn’t do that are fine. And of course I could go individually one by one through the 100 or so passwords and change the collection, which would take forever.

Yeah this is a big confusion about what a folder is.

A folder is a “personal tag” that is only seen/managed by each individual account.

Collections are like the “folders” of an organization, and actually act like folders because they have permissions layer that relies on them.

But your personal “folders” don’t act like folders, more like “tags” or “flags”

and to make matters worse, you can have an item owned by an org, in Collection “Mom’s shares” and with a personal “folder” called “Dad’s Shares”.

All of these management processes are one-by-one manual processes.

Having more select-multiple operations and also the ability to have a folder name follow an item through any ownership changes is needed.

I agree it’s hard to get non-tech family onto Bitwarden because sharing and organizing can’t be done by org admin, you need to share with them, then grab their phone and do the organizing for them on their device.

It’s kind of a pain when you get mom and dad on board… lol

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This would be great as sharing with a collection and then deleting the item deletes the item. You need to create the item manually in a collection :frowning:


I’ve also find that sharing (and deleting sharing) isn’t instant…the other user has to restart BW to see the changes…this could potentially have undesirable results.