Failing when auto-filling login for multiple google accounts

Unless I am seeing it wrong or misunderstanding what you mean, I don’t see how cycling though can also show the corresponding email address.
We have two screen when we try and log in to Google. The first one where you choose an account you would like to log into (sorry, can’t post two images - new account restriction). And the second one:

Where you need to enter a password.
So when I cycle through passwords on the second screen, I don’t see an email showing anywhere to help me realise ‘Oh, thats the one that corresponds with this email address’. We obviously see the e-mail of the account we chose on the previous view, but that doesn’t change with our cycling through passwords with Bitwarden extension.

Using browser containers and browser profiles is not feasible. For one I use different profiles for different project ar work, but secondly: it’s simply not practical at all. Another profile means another opened window + missing all of my history, bookmarks, settings, etc. It’s like installing and configuring a browser on your PC after a disk format.

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I clicked the use another account screen on the Google login screen and cycled through credentials there.

Agreed, this is a huge pain. Please find a way to improve this user experience when username and password entry are on different screens. It seems to work OK for the most part with Microsoft 365, which behaves similarly (different username and password entry screens)

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Thanks for the feedback, the team is continuing to review and make improvements in this space :+1:

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Hi all, Gmail is not the only problematic login page, you face same issue on many popular sites (,, etc). Basically any login page where you get only the password input field.

As suggested by @piejanssens in his feature request post & @jaqxues in their fr post, I feel a simple quick 1 sec toast saying “Autofilled pw for username1” would be mighty helpful.

I could build this toast notification myself & have submitted my post in Github Contributions. If such a feature would be approved, I’d be glad to work on it.

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Thanks @firoze I’ve shared this one with the team :+1:

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Agree with @firoze. A toast notification would solve this issue on all the sites where you only get the password input field and not the email field

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To any others reading this thread, please note that there is a feature request for such a toast notification:


As noted by @firoze above, there was also a Pull Request proposal. In addition, another user (@jaqxues) indicated in a related feature request thread that they would be also willing to work on implementation of such a feature.

Perhaps @bw-admin can provide an update on whether Bitwarden plans to greenlight @firoze’s PR from November.

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Hi all, thanks for your interest too in this feature.

Regarding my offer to code it, sorry that I failed. After I volunteered in Nov’22 i tried out the Github repo & found myself to have overestimated my coding abilities; ashamed to say couldn’t even get the dev env set-up. :frowning:

If a more estbd dev could guide me a bit, would be very happy to try again.

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Just as an fyi for the Bitwarden Inc. folks - 1Password is able to handle this situation correctly.

If 1Password can do it, this is the most significant piece of news in this entire thread. So how about it Bitwarden Inc. folks? This thread has been opened for almost three years, and no progress on the issue. Very disappointing.

Bumping the thread again, Still waiting for this functionality.

@bw-admin :

Thanks @firoze I’ve shared this one with the team :+1:

And? What’s the response? Will it ever be implemented or not?

For discussion (or bumping) of a feature request, please use one (or both) of the active Feature Request threads:

What? Why?

You link to two seperate discussion threads. In the first one you say:

FYI, there is a good discussion of the Google login issue here . You may want to tag some of the participants from that thread to see if they may be interested in voting for this feature request.

You literally link to this very topic. And in the second thread you say:

13 posts were merged into an existing topic: Show toast message with name of the login when circling autofill via keystrokes

Which links to the second thread in which you link to this thread. So why would I ago to those threads when they eventually point to this one?

And since @bw-admin wrote this here, in this thread:

Thanks @firoze I’ve shared this one with the team :+1:

in November, I think that it’s reasonable to ask for the follow-up.

My point was simply that the Feature Request section is normally where discussions of new feature proposals occur, whereas this thread is in the Ask the Community section, which is primarily used for requesting assistance from the community.

Also, FYI, the person who wrote the comment to which you are responding (@dwbitw) no longer works for Bitwarden, and all of their previous posts were modified to change the username to @bw-admin, which is a catch-all account for the staff who administrate this forum.

It would be very much appreciated if @bw-admin would comment on the fact that 1Password has solved that problem. If the competition can do it, why not Bitwarden? Time to hire better programmers?

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No need to disparage the devs. Please refer to the community guidlines.

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