Failed to fetch error when generating username with fastmail API - self hosted

I got my Fastmail API key configured for generating aliases and pasted it into the name generator. But when I tap generate name I get a “Failed to fetch” error, and it does not create a user name. I was gonna try from the Android app but Fastmail is not listed as a provider.

Any ideas what could be going on? I mean it has been working great up until now.

Hey @norton287 Fastmail and DDG support will be coming to mobile in a future update. Regarding self-hosted API integration, we have an open feature request here for voting and discussion: Custom API URL for self-hosted email alias services

Following these steps you can get rid of this error:

1-update the app
2-Disable your firewall
3-Reonstall bitwarden
4-clear cache
5-Disable your extension if you are using in the browser
Hope so this will help you.

Thanks for the feedback! This only occurs from the web interface when I login directly to my self hosted Bitwarden. The Android app works great and the chrome extension works great.

I just get the “Failed to fetch” error when logged into the web interface.

I backed everything up and deleted the stack/container and redid everything from scratch with the same results. This is on a Synology NAS running the latest beta.