✅ Custom API URL for self-hosted email alias services

Feature name

  • Custom API Url for simplelogin (maybe also for other disposable email generator services)

Feature function

  • Allow a user to specify the app url of the simplelogin API key. Since it is possible to self host those apps (at least Simplelogin and Anonaddy) it would be great to be able to specify the app url by along with the apikey in the clients.

I second this, would love to be able to use my self-hosted installation of AnonAddy.


I was hyped by the SimpleLogin integration announcement until I learned that

  1. No custom app url, so does not work for selfhosted instances, and
  2. generated email addresses in Bitwarden don’t use your custom settings; ie, in SimpleLogin, when I generate an email it is [email protected]. Would be great if either this setting was added or if Bitwarden was able to get those settings from the api (this I doubt)

Thanks everyone, I’ve passed the feedback along to the team :+1:

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Hi. I am using SimpleLogin and my bitwarden Chrome extension is correctly generating aliases with my custom domain but I had to change the default domain for aliases in the SimpleLogin settings.

Only problem I have with the Chrome extension is that it seems to use the domain name of my bitwarden selfhosted server to generate the alias (so I got someting like [email protected]) instead of the domain of the opened webpage.

Agreed, I added this several weeks ago. Custom forwarded e-mail alias URL

I guess you worded it better than I.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? I selfhost anonaddy so it would be beneficial to be able to put in a custom instance URL when setting the forwarded e-mail alias features.
  • What benefits will this feature bring? The ability to use selfhosted alias services.

Related topics + references

Feature name

  • Add the ability to choose the instance (URL) used to login with Simple Login token.

Feature function

  • Currently we can only use the default (official) Simple Login instance. Use of custom instance give more control over Simple Login, and custom domains

Can I request similar functionality for self-hosted/custom domain AnonAddy instances? Or should I file a separate feature request?

Hey @bingh0 I’ve updated this title to be inclusive of all forwarded email alias integrations.


I second this feature, as I would like to integrate this with my Mailcow server.

I am imagining a simple configuration interface that allows for adding a custom URL that will get POSTed to with the desired username once a new alias needs to be generated. That way, with a simple wrapper script, every application can easily be integrated. Bonus points if you’re able to configure the POST body or auth headers.

Adding my support for this.
For each supported paid hosted service which has a self hosting option, it should also be supported.

I second this, too.

Yes, please add a field in settings to add the URL of self-hosted SimpleLogin integration.

any update on this?

Hey @Ghost thanks for checking in, no specific ETA yet on this one, we will be sure to share information as it becomes available :+1:


any update on this?

:+1: do it please

Any update on ETA of this feature?

any update on this?