Extension Icon Missing in Chrome in Windows 10

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Hello - I searched for my issue multiple ways but couldn’t find a thread that addresses my exact issue. I just migrated from Lastpass this morning. Everything went great with the export and import process. However, when I added the Bitwarden Extension to my Google Chrome browser, the Bitwarden extension icon is nowhere to be found in Chrome. I checked settings in the extension, but nothing popped out as needing adjustment to make the icon visible in Chrome. I installed the extension in Firefox and it showed up immediately as expected.

What do I need to do to have the extension Icon always visible in my Chrome browser?


This should answer your question:



Excellent! Thanks for that info Jason. I’ve used Chrome for ages, but I did not know that all of the extension icons lived inside the little puzzle piece icon (or about the option to pin them)!

My experience with all extension I’ve installed in the past was they they were visible (apparently pinned) by default. Now I know!


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No worries! I think Chrome changed that behaviour fairly recently.