Unable to login with bitwarden browser extension

Hi there,
I am trying the bitwarden browser extension and am having troubles understanding My Vault web site

I added two logins on two websites, like gmail login and neither login seems to work.

I noticed a blue check box at the left of each login item

what is the check box is for?
check/uncheck is supposed to do what?

next, when I want to access/login the web site, either the password does not match or I have messages like vault is locked.

I use the right-mouse click, bitwarden/autofill feature of the brave browser, wich seems not to work for me.

How do you login with bitwarden browser extension?

The check mark is there so you can select something to do with the ‘gear’ button. For example, if you wanted to delete both passwords stored in your vault, you press the two check marks and the press the gear button to choose the delete option.

When you installed the browser extension in your browser and have logged into it (you need to login to the extension separately from the web vault), you should be able to login into website by going to the login page, and either

  1. press the extension icon and press the name to auto fill the details.
  2. use the keyboard shortcut (Ctril + Shift + L for Windows, Cmd + Shift + L for Mac)
  3. right click on the login with your mouse and select Bitwarden, Auto-fill and the website in question.

I find the user-experience/interface not intuitive. What is the pin button for?

Sorry, what pin button are you talking about?

In the browser. then you click the bitwarden button Pop-menu opens with a pin button:

That pin button is a browser thing that allows you to pin important extensions so they stay visible. In your case, you still have plenty of real estate for extension icons but some people with dozens of extensions have to pick and choose which ones stay visible in the browser and which ones you have to hit a drop-down to find.

Edit: Bitwarden, being a password manager you would want quick access to, is one extension that you would probably want to pin so that it is always visible.

All software has the odd item of not intuitive user-experience. No software is perfect.

For example, on an old Mac (and probably on current ones, I have not used one for some years), the “easy to use” computer, if you drag a disc drive symbol to the waste paper basket then obviously that will delete the files on that drive. That is the obvious thing that action will do. However, it doesn’t do that.

An equally not intuitive example is on older Windows, where the obvious way to turn the contraption off is to press a big button marked “Start”? Really?

You are right. But when new users need to participate in forums to find how the product really works, it might be a sign that documentation is weak.

Your product is very good. Maybe you could update user’s guide/documentation about the pin and check-box usage. It would be better.

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The “pin” thing has nothing to do with Bitwarden. That’s part of the browser.

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@carmichael_martin When you install a browser extension, you can have its icon/menu to be hidden inside of that Extension (puzzle piece) icon.

If you “pin” the extension, it will show up in the toolbar instead. This is not a Bitwarden feature. this is a feature of the browser you are using.


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I recommend you press that pin and allow it to always be visible in your browser.


After this, you will be able to see the icon at all times, so if you navigate to a webpage with a saved login, the icon will change to display a number, indicating the number of login/passwords are saved to the extension.

When you press the icon, you will then see the auto fill information saved. Press the name to autofill the username and password. Or if you wish to copy the information yourself, you can press the person icon for username, and the key icon for password.


I usually point people to this video when they’re starting out, it goes over many of the problems you’re having.