Export to CSV only returns 1 record

Currently testing BitWarden with 4 records entered (NO organisations) - 2 cards, 1 id and 1 login.

I export from either web or win7 desktop to .csv and only 1 row is output (the login). If I repeat, but to .json then I get 4 items.

Sure I’m doing something wrong but can’t figure out what.

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Based on https://help.bitwarden.com/article/export-your-data/, it could be because both id and cards are not supported in CSV export. I testested this on my account and while a note got exported, the card info did not.

Thank you for the response and the main thing is that your results mirror mine. I had read the documentation but honestly would not (and still do not) think

" Some non-critical information is not included with the export when using the .csv file format."

adequately prepares a user for the process omitting complete classes of data - I really think it would help to just say “Card and ID records will not be exported in csv format”.

I understand why it can’t be done due to column differences but may be worth considering 3 files with name suffixes, or selectable record types to include for each export.

Anyway - the data is there in json so I’ll accept it as the way it is. Thanks again.

didn’t know about this issue with .csv export. I will certainly export as .json also the next time.

it would seem that the only way to export cards to csv files is to put data cards into the notes.
Csv is useful because you can read with spreadsheet, json is only good for import / export…

Can anyone please help me and tell me how to Export my vault as Encrpted?

Thank you

you can’t export your vault encrypted. See this topic: Encrypted export

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Thank you for your support
So what should I do? I am on Android phone not a desktop.

Should I export it to any text or notepad and then Encrypt that file?

Thank you

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That is exactly what I do. Export a .json full export to an encrypted container mounted with truecrypt. It’s going to be good enough I think.

Despite me starting the thread I’m happy with .json now especially as I can have a template file for my accounts with custom fields. I just duplicate item entries 5 times in text editor and import to my vault. So long as I change the name (and remove the system-id) the template items are added to the vault and I just use them ad-hoc when I create new entries.

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Thank you, I will just export the file then use my app to encrypt it
I think this is the easiest way for me :slight_smile:

Thank you

OK I just exported my Vault
As. .json. But I can’t find it? Where did it download the file? I’m on Android phone

Thank you

I would check the settings for downloads in the browser you have on your phone. It’s normally defaulting to “downloads” (for me at least).

tbh downloading to a phone seems less than ideal - I would do it to desktop and then move to an encrypted USB.

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Thank you