Exclude wildcard domains from browser extension for notifications

Feature name

  • Exclude wildcard domains from browser extension for notifications

Feature function

Now, if you want to exclude domains from the Bitwarden extension you need to specify a domain. Instead, in my case I want that all the domains that correspond to *.test or include dev.* are excluded, but this generates an error that is not a valid website.

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I totally agree with you, Daniele.
And it would be great if this option works with wildcard IP domains. For example, esxclusion list entry ‘https ://192.168.*’ excluded https :// and https :// and so on.

I think also set the priority based on the domain is important: Starts With domains with priority

Those ideas needs some votes :grin:

Just tried to exclude *.docker.localhost . I was surprised that doesn’t work. Ips would be great too!

+1, would also like to see this feature. I have a work domain that I keep in a strictly local-only keepass installation for legal reasons, and that I would like to exclude from bitwarden. As it stands, I would have to exclude >100 individual domains, so being able to exclude *.workdomain would be great.

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This would be an amazing feature for those of us with separate work and personal password managers. Excluding all work domains and IP ranges in Bitwarden would reduce the hundreds of entries to the exclusion list necessary to keep popups from annoying you all day to just a handful.

I am in the same board as @SebastianGoeb where I work with a company that has an ondemand.com service that prepends customers to the beginning. Being able to block *.workdomain.ondemand.com would be awesome.

This looks like a dupe of Excluded Sub Domains which is a little older, has a few more votes and even offered up some code to implement this.