Excluded Sub Domains

Feature name

  • ability to exclude all sub domains in the Excluded Domains settings

Feature function

  • In Excluded Domains you can currently add a domain but it only excludes an exact match to that domain
  • I use a lot of subdomains and want to be able to easily exclude all of them from the “Do you want to save this password?” prompt
  • Is it possible to add a wildcard (*.example.com or .example.com) so that all sub domains are excluded automatically

I believe that’s exactly how it currently works - extract from the help article:

Domain Exclusion does not register “full” URLs, only the domain component. In the above example, https://github.com/bitwarden/browser would resolve to github.com when saved, meaning that the Browser Extension would explicitly not offer to save credentials for Github.


From my experience it does work this way to remove the https:// and folders, but adding example.com to the exclusion list doesn’t exclude sub-domain.example.com.

I have exactly this same request. I want to write e.g. .example.com or *.example.com and have the prompt excluded from a.example.com and b.example.com and so on, even say c.d.example.com.