Enpass import problem

I’m new to BW and try to import from Enpass. First I had to set both to English language, otherwise records are not recognized at all.
I have exported .csv and .json. If I import .json nothing happens. If I import .csv, records are imported, but all fields are emptly, only the title is filled with the content.
Then I created a single line .csv with the contents below. Still only the title “SomeSite” is imported, but all fields of the record are empty.

Any ideas?
Thank you.

SomeSite",“Username”,"",“E-mail”,"[email protected]”,"*Password",“SomePWD”,“Website”,“https://www.bitwarden.com”,“ADDITIONAL DETAILS”,"",“Phone number”,"",“One-time code”,"",“Security question”,"","*Security answer",""

This might be of help:

As an alternative add a single item into Bitwarden and export it either as CSV or as JSON. Then compare it with the exported files you got from Enpass. Make necessary adjustments to your Enpass file(s) and then import it again. Please note that importing your data several times will create duplicates.

Thank you for your comment.
The .csv output generated by Enpass generated is very different from the one generated by Bitwarden. It is not simple at all to change the .csv from one to the other. This is why Bitwarden offers input from specifically Enpass generated files. Someone already prepared the conversion, but apparently something went wrong.
I have checked the other thread you have linked before, it just proves, that .json import worked for that person. For me import from .json does not work, no any error message regardless I open the file or copy-paste the content.