Emergency contact field not updating at log in

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I set up a Premium BW account and designated several family members, including my wife, as emergency contacts. When we had completed all the steps, each emergency contact showed up in my Premium account and my account showed up in each of their (free) accounts. Success!

About a month later, just to check that everything was still in place, I sat down with my wife and she logged in to her BW account. When she checked her emergency contact field, it said “You have not been designated as an emergency contact for anyone yet”. I submitted a support request to BW, but after I submitted it my wife logged in to her account to check again. At first, the field still said she had not been designated by anyone, but then, right while we we looking at the field, it updated and showed my account, with the gear icon on the right side and the option to request emergency access.

For some reason, it appears BW’s server was not updating immediately, or completely, when my wife logged in. This can be misleading, and actually distressing, to people who have gone through all the steps and think they have been established as an emergency contact.

Hey @BWVT, are you experiencing this delay consistently or occasionally?

So far, only on that one day - two days ago.

My wife just checked her account. When she clicked on the emergency access field it opened saying she had not been designated as anyone’s emergency contact yet, but then it updated and showed my account an instant later. Really, just an instant, less than a second.

So in response to your question, I would say occasionally, or “just on one day, so far”.

A slow or laggy wifi or upstream network connection would cause this. Unfortunately, it could happen to any content on the web. But I see how it could be alarming - it would be nice if the page indicated that it was either still loading content or it is confirmed that no contacts are enabled.

OK, so maybe lag (latency?) caused by my own router, or by my Xfinity ISP. My wife’s iMac is two feet from the router, connected by ethernet cable, so maybe it was Xfinity, or BW’s server. I assumed it was BW’s server. That’s why I asked if anyone else had ever seen slow updating in their BW accounts.

If the problem doesn’t occur again I am not too concerned how it happened the first time.

dh024, thank you for your help!

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