Edit Collections directly from app

it would be useful to manage collections directly from the app, and not be forced to open web app

I’m not at all sure what you’re talking about. How does the “edit” function differ in the web app than it does in the desktop app?

Maybe I’m missing something, but It seems to me that from the mobile/desktop apps you cannot rename existing collections and add new collections .

Do you have a “premium” version?
I recall reading that the “free” version is limited to one collection.
I guess I can’t really see the issue, as I have the free version, so never tried to “edit” more than one collection.
The limited editing that I can do, seems to be the same with either the app, or the web app.

I have a “family organization” account that lets me manage unlimited collections.

I can also confirm that there does not seem to be a way to rename/edit a collection as of Web Version 2.15.1